Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Workouts

Who doesn't love working out on a beautiful Sunday?

I should've done a workout outside with this nice weather, but I decided to hit the gym. Today I did a bicep and ab circuit.

Fall weather picture via google search

READY? Set your watch for 15 minutes and complete as many sets as you can of each workout

hammer curls on bosu ball x 12
alternating bicep curls on bosu ball x 15
[insert pylo move for 30 seconds here] (i.e. jumping jacks, lateral hops, step ups, etc)
E-Z bar curl x 12 (heavy)
[insert pylo move for 30 seconds here]
21's with straight bar
10 burpees
and REPEAT :)

I completed the fat burning ab workout in the newest Oxygen magazine and instead of doing it for 25 minutes with 30 second rest in between each workout I did it for 15 with no rest.

Hope you enjoy!

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